Getting your home cleared and cleaned so its ready for a house sale, house move, end of tenancy agreement or just a good old spring clean can clear the mind as well as the cobwebs from the corners of your rooms!  When looking around for a new cleaner then ask friends, search websites, use recommendations and research the company your thinking of using, also before you want someone to come into your house, remember to ring a few companies not just one that resides down the road and use them first, make sure you do a few background checks on the company too.  See if they have a website, if they are listed in any directories and if so see how long these formats of contact have been about.  ie did they list in last years phone book as well as this year with the same name and number….  We all have a sense of duty to look after ourselves and our homes so use these skills when looking for a local cleaner and trust your instinct as well as reviews you have read online… when reading reviews online check they are well spread out and from what appear to be real profiles of real people that left the reviews….


Good luck in hunting for your local cleaner, remember to type a range of search words into google when looking for a new cleaner to…


Local cleaner

Trusted cleaner

Reliable cleaner near me

Best cleaner in…..

recommended cleaner for …